Monday, April 28, 2008

New Big Buddha Transitional Fall Handbags

Here is a Sneak Peak at some of the New Big Buddha Transitional Styles coming out that can take you into Fall 2008
no one has seen them yet we have placed our first order for these bags and hope we ordered enough ,We are told that we can get them sometime in June.

Once the fall/winter 2008 shows kick off which is in May in Nyc these bags will be one of the most sought after bags
as you all know Big Buddha has become the New LV,Chanel , of the PVC Industry , never before other than the sondra roberts SR Squared line have we ever had a line that is so sought after , we have shipped Big Buddha Bags all over the country with many requests outside the USA , The reviews on Big Buddha Handbags are unbelievable!

We believe that due to the economy People are buying less expensive Bags and getting more for their money we have orders that request 2 , 3 bags at a time , Most important is the styles. The designer of Big Buddha Bags is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.

Jeremy Bassan has certainly exceeded his expectations in doing so, We at The Fashion Plate do not like to flood Customers email boxes with annoying emails so we always send a newsletter with an option for you to respond by asking us to email you when these items arrive you can email us if you want to be put on the list when these bags arrive
at, otherwise you can check back for them some time in June

Post Man Bag
Price $80.00 Colors Available : Orange,Black,Brown,Coco and Yellow

Mail Bag
Price $85.00 Colors Available Coco,Black,Brown.Orange,yellow

Kirsten Bag

Price $90.00 colors available:Cream,Black,Brown,Red,Blue,Green,Tan,Purple,

Denise Bag

Price $90.00 colors available:Cream,Black,Brown,Red,Blue,Green,Tan,Purple,Orange

Kiss & FlyPrice
$85.00 Colors Available Cream,black,rust and gunmetal

Rhone Bag

Price $75.00Colors Available: Gunmetal,rust ,black and cream

Butter Bag
Price $85.00 Colors Available:Rust,Black,Cream and Gun Metal

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