Sunday, August 3, 2008

Big Buddha Bags are now Here

We can't say enough good things about Big Buddha and their Line of Handbags

Thank you all for the wonderful reviews on the New Line, The sales on these bags are unbelievable and since our website reaches all over the country its interesting to see how many different parts of the world have the same taste! Designer Jeremy Bassan amazes me with his on target taste and that he can manage still to keep the bags affordable , sometimes when we search the internet and we find Blog sites that equate his bags with designer inspired ...We laugh at that as these bags are not designer inspired , Big Buddha is an affordable PVC Line and as we have stated in the past , they are the Chanel of the PVC Industry!! Some Bloggers who spend endless money on expensive bags can't quite get the concept that you don't have to walk around with the same LV or Chanel or Jimmy Choo Bags and spend tons of money when you can get a gorgeous affordable bag that has Style for alot less, This is what the majority of the public wants

they wants Great style for affordable prices, We have yet to recieve a negative review on any of his designs, every where we go i see someone wearing a Big Buddha Style , The Miranda Bag has been and continues to be a major top selling bag , The bag has style , and you feel just as good wearing this bag as you would a costly one. We push this handbag line as much as we do because its a sensible purchase you get style and a great bag!

Big Buddha continues to push out loads of different styles so no one is left out, their is a bag for everyone

Check out the new Fall you will love it , these bags are selling non stop

we also want to thank everyone for coming back to our website and trusting our taste

Thank you for shopping

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