Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NEW! Elizabeth Arden Fragrance called "Pretty"

We don't sell this on our website but we recommend this perfume its incredible!

It's called "Pretty" and we love it

Pretty is a spirited floral fragrance of exceptional charm. The floral heart is surrounded by a mélange of fruits, wrapped in a well-rounded background of serene woods. At its core is a premiere ingredient, Petalia
With all thats going on in this economy we "women" need to start feeling "Pretty" and Happy again
This Fragrance does this for you !
Here is a link to the website


Xtina said...

This smells great and feeling pretty is exactly what I need right now in this crazy world. It's such a beautiful floral scent. I don't think I'll get sick of it easily like I do with other scents.

Anonymous said...

Im in love with the scent its wonderful im picky about perfumes and i like light fragrance this falls into the category
great product !